Sharing Our Expertise

Cadogan Financial helps organisations develop staff capacity through provision of both formal training courses and informal on-the-job coaching. We strongly believe that inculcating understanding of how things work and why things matter is fundamental to sustainable market and regulatory development. We’ve provided a two day classroom course on understanding retail fund management in the round to over 2,000 trainees over the last twenty years, the course being based on our book Managing Collective Investment Funds.

While here are lots of good courses that cover specific areas such as operations, risk management and compliance, we have aimed to create understanding of the investment fund management business as a whole. We believe that this helps people who may work in particular departments to understand their jobs in a broader context and to see why what they do matters.

Since autumn 2022 we have delivered two series of specially-designed in-house courses for a major global asset management firm and a technology services provider to the sector.

New e-based interactive course on Understanding Retail Fund Management

With the advent of Covid-19 we re-imagined and reformatted our classroom training course into an e-based course of thirteen modules, including an assessment test. The new course is not simply a ‘chalk-and-talk’ moved online: it is fully interactive and uses text, videos and exercises covering all aspects of the retail fund management business, focusing mostly on open ended funds. This self-paced e-learning course uses the latest instructional techniques and has been built in association with Can Studios, who have brought 20 years of experience in online learning to the project.

Who is it for?

Anyone working in the retail investment fund business, or in firms providing services to investment funds and fund management companies – such as depositaries, trustees, custodians; third party administrators and transfer agents; legal, accounting and consulting firms; systems solutions providers; data providers and managers.

What will I learn?

An overall understanding of how investment funds are structured; key roles of firms that manage and administer them; laws and regulations that govern them; investment policy; how funds are valued; types of charges and their impact; how fund units are priced; how funds are distributed and sold; how investors are informed; the importance of performance and achieving success for the business. The course outline can be found here.

What have other people said?

"Understanding Investment Fund Management Course was an extremely informative course, and I can honestly say my understanding of the industry and how funds are set up has been hugely elevated." - Alicia McInnes, Marketing Trainee, GAM Investments

"The course was very insightful in a succinct way, enabling me to get a good overview of  fund management in a bite-size manner without being too complicated." - Jemima Jones, Client Services Trainee, J O Hambro Capital Management Limited

"This was an excellent course with very relevant content. Probably the only course I have attended where I found everything so easy to understand. I will definitely be recommending the course to my colleagues." - Training Course Delegate

Where can I learn more about the course?

Understanding Investment Fund Management is available here through the Investment Association, priced at £295 + VAT for members and at £395 + VAT for non-members.

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