Managing Collective Investment Funds

‘Managing Collective Investment Funds’

The standard textbook on the subject, widely used by industry participants and their professional advisers worldwide. A new edition of the book was published in November 2017, bringing it up to date with recent international developments. It is designed to be a generic guide to the operation of collective investment funds internationally. The book was first written for Russia which was just starting its investment fund industry under legislation written by Cadogan Financial. The new Russian industry asked us for recommendations as to a comprehensive textbook in Russian to read: when we could find none, we decided to write one (admittedly in English, then translated into Russian). When subsequently we also found there was no such publication in English, we decided to produce an English edition. This is now in its 5th edition and is used as a basis for the courses we offer. In the past translations into both Arabic and Serbo-Croat were produced as part of Cadogan Financial’s projects.

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'Mutual Funds in Developing Markets: Addressing Challenges to Growth'

A major survey of mutual funds in developing countries with analysis of reasons for drivers or impediments of industry growth: Cadogan Financial was engaged by the World Bank to help research and write this study. The report is a joint product of the World Bank and IOSCO. The study provides policy makers in developing countries who seek to foster the domestic mutual fund sector with a handbook to understand the sector; it presents a range of legal/regulatory and market-related factors that drive or impede mutual funds. The study also drew on analysis of data derived from a survey sent to all IOSCO members supported by five in depth country studies – Brazil, Kenya, Peru, Turkey (carried out by Cadogan Financial) and Morocco (carried out by Yann Christin). The study can be found here.

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