Risk-Based Supervision

Traditional compliance-based supervision is increasingly being complemented by risk-based supervision. Cadogan Financial has worked with several regulatory bodies helping them to introduce a risk-based supervisory regime.

In the East African Community Cadogan Financial worked for the EAC Secretariat to propose a harmonised risk-based supervisory model for the five Partner States, setting out a regulatory framework, including risk-based capital adequacy requirements, and a roadmap for its introduction.

In Moldova Cadogan Financial drew up recommendations for introduction of risk-based supervision including supervisory procedures, off-site financial stress test, an on-site inspection check list for risk identification in individual entities and a roadmap for the implementation of the proposed risk-based model.

In Botswana Cadogan Financial has recommended a risk-based regulatory model for non-bank financial institutions and written risk-based regulatory procedural manuals and trained staff in their application.

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