Private Equity

Cadogan Financial recognises that not all developing markets can satisfy the needs of their institutional investors through public markets; one of the greatest impediments to the development of savings institutions is the lack of an adequate supply of investable securities.

So the financing needs of enterprises may need to be met in part with private equity or venture capital and perhaps unlisted corporate bonds.

Cadogan Financial worked for the government of Rwanda to review the strategies of successful private equity funds jurisdictions and explain the spectrum of strategic options for sector development in Rwanda, identifying options for development of such a sector.

In Tanzania Cadogan Financial created the legal and operational framework for issues of municipal bonds by local authorities to finance infrastructure projects, identifying impediments to creation of municipal bond market and recommending changes in laws and regulations.

Cadogan Financial provided advice to a series of private equity investment funds in Bosnia and Republika Srpska on how to improve the real value of their portfolios through enterprise restructuring and refinancing of portfolio companies which are mostly classified as private equity investments.

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